Seismic Strengthening


Our core area of expertise includes seismic strengthening solution for block masonry, concrete, steel structures industrial, commercial, and residential projects. We offer the following seismic strengthening services:

  • Initial Seismic Assessment (ISA).
  • Detailed Seismic Assessment (DSA).
  • Building inspection.

How it Works

The main seismic resisting elements and their construction materials are determined. If this includes brick masonry, brick & mortar samples will be taken, and strength tests would be conducted.

Computer modelling and analysis will be used to determine a more accurate %NBS. Subsequently, a Detailed Seismic Assessment (DSA) report is prepared. Additional calculations to develop seismic strengthening options are performed with strengthening options then presented to allow initial pricing of the work.

On confirmation of the most suitable option, drawings and calculation set are prepared for a building consent application detailing the selected strengthening.

structural image