About Us

Who We Are

TGL is a consulting structural and electrical engineering firm, providing comprehensive and complete engineering services, from conceptual design, seismic strengthening of structures. To achieve this, we provide practical engineering designs that are creative and cost-effective. Our design solutions incorporate a unique and comprehensive project perspective to deliver ultimate design solutions. Our trade-qualified designers and engineers have over 20 years of industry experience and are committed to providing top-quality engineering. Our area of expertise covers the following sectors.

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Mission & Vision

TGL aims to become a leading engineering consultancy that provides a diverse range of professional services to meet the needs of its varied clients.

Our clients are our priority, meeting their needs by providing a professional service to develop the pages about enduring please us business relationships that are built on trust, integrity, effective communication, and delivering quality services on time and within budget.

What we say is what we do! Delivering on our commitments is what builds good business relationships and has earned us the respect and trust of our clients. We take responsibility for what we do, act honestly and respect the thoughts and ideas of our colleagues and clients

Our employees are the fabric of our company. They determine our reputation, capability, and ultimately, our success. We provide a work environment that encourages self-improvement, teamwork, and innovation.

Our reputation is built on a tradition of providing services with a high level of technical competence and attention to detail. We continually train and educate our staff to provide quality work.